An industry-focused, six-month college level leadership and management program designed to prepare your key, high-potential employees to become the future leaders of your retail organization. It is designed specifically for independent hardware stores, home centers and lumberyards. 

This program offers a learning experience that “Follows the Student Back to Work” by providing an education that can directly be applied to the work life of the employee and contribute to an immediate return on investment for the business.

The curriculum covers:

  • Leadership and Leading People
  • Applied Business Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Application of Retail Technologies

Curriculum outline:

  • Three visits over the course of six months to NRHA Headquarters and Butler University to interact with a small class of peers (up to 25) that allows students to build an industry network that will aid them in their future.
  • Practical inter-session homework assignments that relate directly to the business the student manages. Homework will focus on topics that provide opportunities to improve the business.
  • Access to a Butler University Business Coach to counsel students on how to achieve maximum value from the program. This coaching interaction will engage the student and business sponsor in a discussion of how to apply the student’s learning assignments directly to the business.
  • Access to an electronic Learning Management Platform that allows students to receive assignments and submit homework online.
  • Personal assessments that help students rate their management capabilities and personalize the training to their needs.
  • Inter-session webinars that allow additional store personnel and owners to participate in the student’s learning experience.
  • Multiple uses of interactive workshops during classroom sessions, designed with the adult learner in mind. These workshops, which include simulations, case studies, small group exercises, role-playing and classroom discussion. These workshops will utilize learning tools that encourage interaction and help students immediately relate classroom experiences to business application.
  • A Business Improvement Project assignment throughout the three-visit program culminates during the last visit, when students will present their plans and receive feedback on their business improvement suggestions.
  • A final “Quick-Win” assignment following the third visit where students will enact three things in their business they learned during the course to provide a return on investment to offset the student’s tuition.

Curriculum designed and taught by NRHA and Butler University Business School faculty. Business Administration Certificate awarded by NRHA and Butler University.